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Quantum Optics - research group of Prof. Martin Weitz


Our group conducts experiments on the following topics: quantum physics of ultracold atomic gases, equilibrium thermodynamics of light, and laser cooling of dense gases.

We are always looking for Bachelor, Master, PhD students and postdocs. More information can be found here.


Doctoral degree for Christian Wahl

We congratulate Dr. Christian Wahl for the completion of his Ph.D. thesis.


Cluster "Matter and light for quantum computing" (ML4Q)

Bonn, Cologne and Aachen scientists are funded in the frame of the excellence iniative of the federal government. The cluster ML4Q deals with the investigation of new technologies for quantum information.




Optical Wells for Condensed Light

We demonstrate a technique to create variable micropotentials for light using thermo-optic imprinting within an ultrahigh-reflectivity mirror microcavity filled with a dye-polymer solution that is compatible with photon gas thermalization. By repeated absorption-emission cycles photons thermalize to the temperature of the dye solution, and in a single microsite we observe a photon-Bose-Einstein microcondensate. Effective interactions between the otherwise nearly non-interacting photons are observed due to thermo-optic effects, and in a double well system tunnel coupling between sites is demonstrated. Prospects of the new experimental platform include photonic structures in which photons thermalize into entangled manybody states.



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