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Four ERC Grants for the University of Bonn

EU funds projects worth millions in mathematics and physics
[ Press release ]

Extremely compressible gas of light

Researchers of Bonn University have determined the compressibility of a quantum gas of light

Exist Grant for start-up project at Bonn University

Physicists receive research transfer grant for the start-up project "Midel Photonics" 

A new state of light

Physicists at the University of Bonn observe new phase in Bose-Einstein condensate of light particle

One-way street for light

Physicists at Bonn University irreversibly split photons by freezing them in a Bose-Einstein condensate

Cluster of Excellence ML4Q granted

Researchers from Bonn, Cologne and Aachen plan the realization of quantum computers

Exotic quantum states made from light

Physicists at the University of Bonn create optical "wells" for a photon condensate

Measuring the heat capacity of condensed light

Method developed at the University of Bonn can be used to produce ultra-precise thermometer.

Veselago lensing of cold atoms

Bonn physicists experimentally demonstrate Veselago lensing with matter waves.
[ Press release ]
[ Nature Photonics Research Highlights ]
[ Optik & Photonik article ]

Flickering of photonic Bose-Einstein Condensates

Researchers of Bonn University observe a grand-canonical Bose-Einstein condensate of light.
[ Press release ]
[ Physics Viewpoint by C. Ciuti ]
[ Focus-Article by A. Pelster ]

ERC Advanced Grant for Research on Photon Bose-Einstein Condensation

Martin Weitz receives an Advanced Grant 2012 of the European Research Council.
[ Press release ]

Jan Klaers received PhD Award

On May 11, 2012 Dr. Jan Klaers received together with Dr. Anna Franckowiak the PhD Award of the Foundation for Physics and Astronomy in Bonn
[ Announcement of award ceremony ]

Snail's pace rather than speed of light

Physicists of the University of Bonn observe the "Klein-tunneling
effect" with ultracold rubidium atoms
[ Press release University of Bonn ]
[ Focus-Article by L. Fritz ]

Bonn physicists win inventor prize

Researchers awarded 1. prize of university contest  'patente Erfinder' for the development of laser-like like with high efficiency.
[ Press release University of Bonn]
[ General-Anzeiger, 15.01.2011 ]
[ Deutsche Universitätszeitung, Feb. 2011 ]
[ Press release PROvendis, 12.01.2011 ]

Photon Bose-Einstein condensate

Bonn researchers realize a Bose-Einstein condensate of photons, a novel source of light.
[ Press release ]
[ News and Views article by J. Anglin ]
[ Nature News article by Z. Merali ]
[ BEC of light chosen to be among top 10 breakthroughs of Physics World ]
[ FAZ, 01.12.2010 ]
[ Süddeutsche Zeitung, 25.11.2010 ]
[ NZZ, 01.12.2010 ]
[ Die Welt, 25.11.2010 ]
[ Spiegel online, 25.11.2010 ]
[ Focus Online, 25.11.2010 ]
[ CBS News, 24.10.2010 ]
[ New Scientist-Article by Kate McAlpine ]
[ Focus-Article by A. Pelster ]
[ Search & Discovery, Physics Today by M. Wilson, 2011 year's highlights ]
[ Bild der Wissenschaft online-Article by H. Horeis ]

Gas of Light

Bonn researchers realize a novel "chameleon-gas" of light.
[ Press release ]
[ Science Editors' Choice by Jelena Stajic, 18.06.2010 ]
[ Bonner Generalanzeiger, 31.05.2010 ]
[ Pro-Physik, 01.06.2010 ]
[ Scienexx, 31.05.2010 ]

Hamiltonian quantum ratchet

Bonn researchers demonstrate the principle of a dissipationless quantum motor with ultracold atoms.
[ Press release ]
[ Focus-Article by P. Hänggi and S. Denisov ]
[ Pro-Physik by R. Scharf, 27.11.2009 ]
[ Deutschlandfunk-Forschung aktuell by M. Schulenburg, 29.12.2009 ]
[ Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 27.11.2009 ]
[ Scinexx, 27.11.200 ]

Laser cooling by collisional redistribution of radiation

Demonstration of a novel cooling mechanism for macroscopic objects (ultradense gases).
[ Press release ]
[ News and Views-article by M. Sheik-Bahae and D. Selektskiy ]
[ National Geographic News by B. Handwerk, 08.11.2009 ]
[ Pro-Physik by J. O. Löfken, 03.09.2009 ]
[ Deutschlandfunk-Forschung aktuell by M. Pollmann, 17.11.2009 ]
[ Bonner Generalanzeiger, 08.09.2009 ]
[ Darmstädter Echo, 03.09.2009 ]
[ Wired science - ultrafast chilling, 02.09.2009 ]



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