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Bachelor Projects

For available Bachelor projects, please see our German website. 

Student Projects

We regularly offer master and bachelor theses in our group. This is an excellent opportunity to enter the field of quantum optics and atomic physics. Most projects are experimentally oriented, and all of them at the forefront of current research. Please, do not hesitate to contact, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

A student project within the courses physics732 and physics799 (Optics Lab or Research Internship) usually comprise a small guided project under the supervision of an experienced master or PhD student, such as setting up a measurement device, designing an optical setup or the analysis of measured data.

For student helpers, you typically support an experiment by performing tasks helpful to the overall progress of the experiment. This can include setting up experiments, designing electronics or simply supporting the master student during a measurement campaign.

If you are interested please contact us directly for more information.

Master Projects

We are always looking for master students to strengthen our projects. A few sample projects are given below, however due to the ever-changing nature of research different projects may become available, so please contact us.

You are:

  • Interested and curious
  • Experimentally skilled
  • Educated in physics

We offer:

  • Thorough education in the field of quantum optics and atomic physics
  • The platform to perform research on a modern and exciting field
  • The opportunity to present your research on a conference or in a paper
  • A supportive environment with nice colleagues

The aim of this master thesis is to investigate the spatial coherence of photons cooled to quantum degeneracy in a two-dimensional box potential. Photons are here coupled to a reservoir of dye electronic excitations, allowing for an effective particle exchange, so that a grand canonical statistical system is formed. The thesis involves work with an optical setup and the analysis of the obtained experimental results.

This thesis work involves rubidium atoms cooled to the Nanokelvin regime to Bose-Einstein condensation in optical lattices. The aim of the thesis is to monitor the dynamics of atoms at the combined action of the periodic lattice and an additional dipole potential, where the quantum dynamics for the two degrees of freedoms is coupled in an ultrastrong manner, at long interaction times. This thesis work will involve to deal with optical and atomic physics, as well as the analysis of the obtained experimental results.

Laser redistribution cooling is a cooling technique applicable to macroscopic gases ensembles. The aim of this thesis is to carry out spectroscopic experiments of molecule-noble gas mixtures at a pressure of around 100 bar to identify transitions that allow for laser redistribution cooling starting from room temperature. This thesis involves the setup and adjustment of an optical spectroscopy apparatus, the handling of the spectroscopy cell, and both data taking and analysis.

PhD and PostDoc Positions

We are always looking for talented PhD- or PostDoc canidates to strengthen our projects. Please have a look at our projects, and contact us directly to discuss possible projects.

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