Dr. Julian Schmitt receives the Wissenschaftspreis 2024 of the Industrie-Club Düsseldorf

Dr. Julian Schmitt from the Institute of Applied Physics received the Wissenschaftspreis 2024 of the Industrie-Club Düsseldorf for his groundbreaking research on quantum gases of photons, which on the one hand expand the understanding of quantum states in fundamental science and on the other hand can produce new technological components for the sensor technology or control of laser beams.

The quantum regression theorem has been verified for an optical quantum gas

A fundamental relation connecting the temporal fluctuations and the response behaviour has been experimentally observed in a quantum gas made of photons, the particles of light. The validity of this so-called quantum regression theorem could so far not be directly revealed for quantum gases.

Julian Schmitt awarded the Rudolf-Kaiser-Prize for Experimental Physics 2023

Dr. Julian Schmitt of the Institute for Applied Physics of the University of Bonn is awarded the Rudolf-Kaiser-Prize 2023 - one of the most renowned German prizes for young researchers in physics. 

Thilo's paper on two-photon spectroscopy was published

An important step towards the realization of a VUV photon condensate has been achieved.

Our paper on Quantum Rabi-dynamics of trapped atoms far in the deep strong coupling regime published in Nat. Comm.

Our paper “Quantum Rabi dynamics of trapped atoms far in the deep strong coupling regime“ has been published in the journal Nature Communications. We report on a study of ultrastrong coupling between two mechanical modes of trapped cold atoms in the quantum Rabi regime. Using a novel experimental scheme, we achieve a Rabi coupling of 6.5 times the field mode frequency, so that the coupling term clearly dominates over all other energy scales for the first time.

Our paper on the fluctuation-dissipation theorem appears in PRL

The grand-canonical coupling of photons to a bath of dye molecules leads to fluctuations of the particle number. According to the fluctuation-dissipation theorem this is connected to a viscosity of the photon gas. In our experiment, we were able to prove the relation for a Bose-Einstein condesed gas for the first time.

Andreas Redmann takes part in the university Excellence Slam

Andreas Redmann presented his PhD project at the Excellence Slam of the university.

Quantum physics at Highlights der Physik

Our group members Steffi Moll and Niels Wolf presented experiments on the foundations of quantum physics in Regensburg.

Boxpaper is out

Our paper "Compressibility and the equation of state of an optical quantum gas in a box" appeared in Science.

Read the full story here: Science 375, 1403 (2022)

And there is also a nice perspectice article  "Photons think inside the box" by R.J. Fletcher and M. Zwierlein.


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Researchers of Bonn University have determined the compressibility of a quantum gas of light

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