09. August 2023

Our Paper on Two-Photon-Spectroscopy of Xenon is online Thilo's paper on two-photon spectroscopy was published

An important step towards the realization of a VUV photon condensate has been achieved.

Excitation Scheme
Excitation Scheme © T. vom Hoevel / U Bonn
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Noble gases under high pressure conditions play, among others, a role in astrophysics and plasma physics. They are also promising candidates for a thermalization medium for photons in the VUV regime. To study this in detail we have performed two-photon spectroscopy on Xenon at pressures up to nearly 100 bars.

The work appeared in Physical Review A:


The work was supported by the German research Foundation DFG under WE 1748-25 (Project 684913), SFB/TR 185 (Project 277625399) and grant number 658169.

Thilo vom Hövel, Franz Huybrechts, Eric Boltersdorf, Christian Wahl, Frank Vewinger, and Martin Weitz
Two-photon excitation and absorption spectroscopy of gaseous and supercritical xenon
Phys. Rev. A 108, 012821 (2023)

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