Quantum Optics

Our group conducts experiments on various topics within the broader scope of quantum optics and quantum statistics. The research includes quantum simulation with ultracold atomic gases, the equilibrium thermodynamics of light including Bose-Einstein condensation of photons, but also experiments on spectroscopy of high pressure gases, which aims at the realization of a light source in the VUV. Many of the topics are overlapping, but can be broadly grouped into a set of overarching research questions.

Erbium Experiment: Topology with Ultracold Atoms

© H. Brammer/U Bonn

Rubidium Experiment: Quantum Simulation

© AG Weitz

Ultradense Gases: Laser Cooling & Spectroscopy

© U. Vogl / AG Weitz

Spectroscopy of High Pressure Gases: Novel Light Sources in the VUV

© AG Weitz

Photon Bose-Einstein-Condensation:
Statistical Physics

© T. Damm/U Bonn

Bose-Einstein-Condensates of Photons in Variable Potentials

© C. Kurtscheid/U Bonn
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